A little about me:
  I'm a junior at Mapleton High School. I love to read and write, and while I do so, I like to listen to music. I'm not a big sports fan... that's reserved for my sister!
  I'm a little shy, but my friends have managed to drag most of that out of me! When I get older, I hope to work in publishing. I would like to become a book editor...
My Favorites:
-Movie: The Italian Job
-Music: Country
-Flower: Iris
-Color: Blue (Obviously!!)
-Book/Author (at the moment!): In Death series by Nora Roberts
-TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
-Quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt
-Pastime: Reading/Writing
Foods: Corned Beef (hash too!) and Fettucini Alfredo
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