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Is Islam a peaceful religion?

by Karl Logan on 03/03/12

I wondered whether American's are being misled regarding Islam.  Is Islam peaceful or not.  I decided to do what any good researcher would do, I Googled it. 

I found 31 countries with travel warnings from the State Department (updated 2/21/2012), not all are Muslim nations and not are in the middle-east.  I found 16 countries that are predominantly Muslim, meaning in excess of 90%, that the website said were safe to visit.  When crossed referenced, Libya and Syria were on both lists, but in all fairness the article listing safe Muslim countries was dated a year ago and a lot has changed since then.  I was surprised that there are that many peaceful Islamic nations, considering all the news reports.  Reviewing the peaceful list again, I think it should be whittled down a little more.  Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, and Jordon are also on the safe list but I am not so sure I would feel safe.  That drops the safe list to 10.

(satirical diatribe)

So why do Americans feel so unsafe regarding Islam? Syrian violence rages amid truce talks / I have heard that Islam is a peaceful religion.  UN calls for end to violence in Yemen /  I am thinking it is the republican party that promote this notion.  Urban Violence in the Middle East / Egypt: 33 killed in renewed violence / If not the republicans themselves it is the radical right wing of the party.  Violence Erupts at Jordan Protest  / Kuwait Violence Hampers Gulf's Shift to Democracy   Maybe it is the Tea Party.  We all know how crazy they are.  Iran: UN rights chief shocked by deadly violence /  Major incidents of terrorist violence in Pakistan   Those conservatives spread hatred.  They are racists.  As Iraq violence continues, many fear return of civil war /  Journalists?  What?  No, you can't blame journalists for all the negative reporting.  Violence against Women in Turkey /  It is the spin that the bible pounding right wing conservatives put on the news.  Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan  Africa Violence and Wars / At least I think that is what it is.  Protests Bring New Violence in Kenya

So are there peaceful Muslims?  Of course there are!!  The problem as I see it is allowing Muslim immigration and/or the conversion of Americans to Islam within the United States of America and catering to their belief system.  If they choose to live in America they need to accept our laws and our traditions.  They should not attempt to convert America into a Muslim country.  They should not expect America to recognize Sharia Law.  Judges should not rule in the favor as Muslims for the sake of Muslim laws and traditions.

America will accept Muslim but Muslim must accept America first.

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