Picture used in the Newspaper announcing Honorable Mention
Track and Field 2007
Volleyball 2007
This photograph from the Siuslaw Newspaper captures 1 of 8 kills during the game with Oak Hill. I lead the team with 8 kills and 2 aces.
Volleyball 2009 
Live for the Game
Lindsey Logan, 2007
Lindsey Logan, 2007
Lindsey Logan, 2009
Lindsey Logan, 2009
* Volleyball 2010 * Live for the Game *  Academic pre-collegial profile

Senior Photos
Salty Sailor - number 1 fan
St Paul ends the title run for Mapleton.  It was a great journey.
Lindsey's High School Graduation was on 

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

 We had a nice reception with friends and family at our home. 

 Lindsey graduated Valedictorian, President of the Student Counsel, 
Class President, and as a member of the National Honor Society.  

Superintendent, Kyle Tucker, awarded 

Lindsey the Outstanding Senior Girl, 

& Isaiah Outstanding Senior Boy.

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Lindsey's school pictures, K through 12th...

November 4, 2009.  Mapleton wins...again.
Lindsey Logan, 2010
Lindsey Logan, 2010
Lindsey 2005
Lindsey 2004
Lindsey 2006
Lindsey Logan, 2008
Graduation & Reception Pictures
The University of Oregon
I love my Ducks
My new diggs are at Stadium Park in Eugene near Autzen Stadium.  I share a fourplex with Christina, Siera, and Katy.  We can hear the football game from our apartment.

I am a biology major.  I am so excited to finally be a Duck.  
Happy Thanksgiving! Dad and I are stuffed!
Lindsey's Page
Hey, I'm Lindsey.  I am currently enrolled at the University of Oregon.

The following is from my time in high school.  

These are from when I was a senior at Mapleton High School.  I was elected Student Body President, Captain for our Varsity Volleyball team, and one of 5 students to be on National Honor Society for my school. 

I was the outside hitter for our Varsity Volleyball team that year.  The previous year our team made it to the state playoffs and in the running for Mountain West League Champions. 

I am a 4.0 student.  My Junior  year I completed four college courses and one college prep class.  Mt Senior year I completed an additional college course .  I graduated Valedictorian.

On the social side, I was very active in school and community programs.  See my Academic profile above for a list of activities.   Senior year I was chosen as on of the three senior Homecoming Princesses.

I was accepted to both Eastern Oregon University and the University of Oregon with a focus on Pre-med.  I chose U of O.

That's me!  
Wish me luck! 

Lindsey graduates from the University of Oregon 
with a degree in General Science and an emphasis in 
Human Physiology.