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​Wealth in Congress
by Karl Logan, 06/09/2012

Why did President Obama waste his political capital to pass healthcare legislation when he could have taxed the rich? Obamacare passed because Democrats controlled Congress. With Democrats constantly espouse ‘taxing the rich’ why not seize the opportunity to pass legislation when you control the majority? Is it possible that the Democrats do not want to tax themselves?  

A 2009 article from USA Today stated that “Democrats represented 57% of the 4.8 million households that had incomes of $200,000 or more in 2008. In 2005, Republicans represented 55% of those affluent households”. So when Obama took office he not only had the majority in both houses, Democrats represented more wealthy districts than ever. Why wasn’t there a mandate to increase taxes? Michael Frank’s article in The Heritage Foundation states “In 2007, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat, surprised many Washington insiders…” by not pursuing a tax on mega-millionaires.

It is fine to espouse taxing the rich until the tax man comes home to roast. In 2011, see attached PDF or link below, 109 Democrats had a net wealth of over 1 million. 21 were over 10 million and 5 were over 100 million dollars. Wealthy Democrats represent hypocrisy. Perhaps Michael Frank stated it best when he mused in his article that “… Democratic voters might follow a different…lead, that of the fraternity pledge in Animal House? Perhaps they will accept these tax rises as a political and economic hazing and greet each new tax hike with”: "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"  

I think NOT. It is ingenious for Democrats to loath the wealthy Republicans when they use the same tax accounts. 


Fuzzy Math
by Karl Logan, 05/27/2012

When you hear President Obama claim that he has spent less annually than any president since Eisenhower, read the article below in full. Obama claims a 0.4% annual increase in spending even though FactCheck.org calculates spending to average about 3%. So how did he arrive at those numbers? The 2009 budget signed by Bush in 2008 just before he left office is wholly assigned to Bush even though Obama added nine spending bills during his 2009 tenure. Obama also takes credit for cuts that haven’t happened in the proposed 2012-2013 budget. Obama (or Market Watch) gets very creative in his approach to making his spending look modest. Obama even calculates the take over a Freddie and Fanny as spending cuts. Actual increases are as high as 9.7%  Now that is some “fuzzy” math.


Kansas passes law banning use Foreign law
By Karl Logan, 05/26/2012

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed a law that requires courts to use the U.S. Constitution and not consider foreign law, including Sharia Law. A Muslim groups plans to appeal the law that goes into effect July 1st. I hope that all states follow this example. To reside in America everyone must accept American laws and our U.S. constitution. In addition, our national language should be English, but that is another blog.

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/26/kansas-gov-signs-measure-blocking-islamic-law/ http://action.publicpolicyalliance.org/6709/support-michigan-hb4769-american-laws-american-courts/

Out of Touch
by Karl Logan, 05/21/2012

What are they thinking? They are so out of touch. If you listen to the news you would think that I am talking about Romney and the GOP. The rich 1% that can’t possibly know how the rest of the U.S. lives. But no, this is not about Romney or the GOP. This isn’t even about politics. This blog is about Judges going on a Hawaiian vacation disguised as a meeting.  

On the heels of the GSA scandal which spent tax payer’s money to lavish themselves in Las Vegas, Federal Judges feel that they are entitled as well. The Western U.S. Circuit Judges are going to Maui to discuss the “means of improving the administration of justice”.

Why is it that any government agency feel they are entitled to spend tax payer money this way? The private sector as least watches their spending when times are tough. That is unless you received free bail out money from the Obama administration. The rest of the responsible society is controlling spending and finding ways to meet and discuss business without flying half way around the world. In general, the private sector celebrates their success with nice meetings. The government, federal and state, is bankrupt. The federal government has a $15 trillion debt.  

Has anyone in the government heard of Skype?


The Shark Tank
by Karl Logan, 05/19/2012

What would happen if Barack Obama went into the Shark Tank to ask for Campaign Funds?

Barack presents his case asking for an investment of one million dollars from each of the sharks for his campaign. For their investment Obama promises them a 20% return offset by a 30% increase in taxes.

Robert Herjavek says my father was an immigrant. I understand the struggles that immigrants have coming to the United States. My father came to America legally, he spoke English, and he had a birth certificate. I’m out.

Barbara Corcoran says, my Manhattan properties are worth half what I paid for them. For that reason, I am out.

Kevin O’Leary looks at Barack smugly, I sold a lot of Obama coins during your first campaign, those coins have been devalued and are worthless. I can’t see any way to make a profit on this investment. It is all about the money. You are dead to me, I’m, out.

Barack looks at Daymond John and says, if I had a son, he would look like you. Daymond smiles and examines Barack’s tailor made suit looking for any hint of the FUBU brand, Daymond replies, I’m out.

Mark Cuban says you have 45 seconds to convince me that this is a good investment. Barack has a blank stare and looks for his teleprompter. As the hour passes, Mark says, I’m out.

Barack Obama’s next stop…Hollywood.

Lady Gaga concert canceled
by Karl Logan, 05/15/2012

A Lady Gaga concert was canceled in Indonesia due to the provocative nature of Lady Gaga and her shows. There are endless examples of Hollywood’s destructive nature and huge contributions to Liberal candidates. The hypocrisy is palpable. Hollywood elites complain that Republican driven world policy is the corner stone of America’s poor reputation. While neither isle of Congress should get a pass for their policies, Hollywood refuses to recognize that much of the world find Hollywood's behavior abhorrent.

I am no prude and find Lady Gaga and other provocative Hollywood/Music performers to be titillating but their performances are best left to adult audiences, not consumed by children. Either way, it is hypocritical for Hollywood to blame politics for America’s seemingly poor reputation when they push their lifestyle of sex, drugs, infidelity, homosexuality, gay marriage, provocative dress, and other destructive behavior on countries that make even the most conservative Tea Party member seem like, well, a Hollywood elite.

Case in point, the Islamic Country, Indonesia, canceled Lady Gaga due to the destructive nature of her provocative dress and antics on their youth. Indonesia is not alone. Whether you agree with it or not is immaterial. The Muslim faith is growing and hardliners will not stand by and allow Hollywood to destroy their belief system. Family values are not just an American thing. Conservatives in all countries find Hollywood’s lifestyle to be destructive. If I had to choose between Hollywood and Islamic extremists, I choose Hollywood. I defend their right to be who they want to be. However, at least Hollywood should recognize that their right to behave provocatively is defended by our military and congressional policies. Their freedom of speech is defended by the military complex they despise.  

Maybe Lady Gaga can provide a concert for our troops. They might appreciate it.


Obama Panders to Hollywood
By Karl Logan 05/11/2012

President Obama goes to Hollywood for a fund raiser.  The cost, a change of direction for Obama.  Now he supports same sex marriage.  Why the change?  Money.  Millions from celebrity donors.  Is there no shame? Not with campaign money involved.  In his own eyes, Obama must be reelected at any cost, even selling his soul.  But what exactly did Obama promise.  Nothing.  He didn't submit a bill to congress.  Obama even skirted the word marriage.  No doubt so he can flip flop again and say that he didn't say Gay Marriage.  Obama suggested it was a logical progression for America.  I guess it makes since to Obama.  Flip Flops, Shoes, Selling his Soul (sole).


Income Tax breakdown for Obama, Biden, and Romney
by Karl Logan  04/29/2012

The Tax Policy website has a great breakdown for the income of President Obama, Joe Biden, and Mitt Romney compared to the average American.  Tax rates are interesting.  No matter what you earn, dollar for dollar, the more you make the more you pay in taxes, it is the tax rate that varies.  

Obama earned $789, 674 and paid 23.4% in federal taxes.  Biden earned $379,035 and paid 30.5% in federal taxes.  Romney earned $20,901,075 and paid 15.4% in federal taxes.  The average American married couple paid 16.7% of their income in federal taxes.  

Obama paid $184,000 in taxes, Biden paid $115, 000 and Romney paid $3,2000,000.

So when Warren Buffet says that he paid less in taxes than his secretary, he really means as a percentage of income. The tax structure is set up to benefit investment earnings.  The wealthy have more investment earnings than the rest of us so they benefit the most, as a percentage.  

If taxes are to be more equitable, not fair but equitable, long term capital gains taxes must be progressive like income taxes.


Racial Violence, again
by Karl Logan 04/26/2012

What exactly is the motive of NBC to intentionally mislead the American Public about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin? What about Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton inciting violence? With the help of the media, many Americans were quick to condemn Zimmerman. How about Spike Lee’s tweet? It is all madness. I don’t know what happened and it should be left to the courts to figure out. Now people are attacked and beaten due to Trayvon Martin’s tragic death. Where are the media and the other loud mouths regarding the beating of an innocent white man because of this case? Silent!   It is an outrage. 

Now, Occupier Rapper incites violence and says “If I am arrested, start killing the M***er F***ers. So this is what it comes down to. Where is the justice in this? The peace? This is not what Martin Luther King wanted. Every time America gets closer to acceptance for everyone, violence is rekindled.  There are no winners in all of this, only losers.  An innocent young man loses his life, the life of a neighborhood watchman is damaged for forever, and American loses a fight against racism.  


Obama panders to Latino Community
by Karl Logan 04/15/2012

In a desperate attempt to hold on to the presidency, Obama panders to the Latino community offering immigration reform in his second term.  Just vote for me and then you will see I can offer you.  This is reminiscent of what Nancy Pelosi said about the healthcare bill “you have to vote for it to see what’s in it”.  Obama already made a similar remark to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “after my election I have more flexibility”.  This is one confident, and frightening, president.

Obama pledges to tackle immigration reform early in 2nd term if reelected, Published April 15, 2012, Associated Press
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/04/15/obama-pledges-to-tackle-immigration-reform-early-in-2nd-term-if-reelected/#ixzz1s7RAuLYx
Obama remark to Russian president caught on live microphone, March 26, 2012

Government waste
by Karl Logan on 04/12/12

I will start this blog by saying I am sure there are government employees that work hard and some even put their life on the line every day.  Some examples are police, firefighters, and military.  Having said that, I am so frustrated by the news surrounding the General Services Administration's (GSA) spending abuses.   I do not believe for one minute that this is an isolated incident.  Government waste must be eliminated.

No doubt you have heard about the GSA Las Vegas conference.  The commissioner spent $200,000 on a party.  The entire conference cost the tax payer $823,000.00.  Some employees got bonuses for doing such a great job planning this lavish conference.  In addition, a GSA incentive program also gave IPOD's and other goodies to GSA employees, all on our dime.  With the recent revelation, a Vegas tripped planned for April 25, 2012 was canceled.

Where does it stop?  Not in Vegas.  The GSA also sent 5 employees to Hawaii for a 5-7 day vacation to attend an hour long ground breaking ceremony of a new FBI building.  The tax payer footed the bill.  To make matters worse, another vacation was planned this fall (2012).

In all fairness, similar spending abuses occurred under Bush.  So this is not a partisan issue.  This is a BIG government issue.  The government is too big to police itself.  This is criminal.  No matter which side of the isle you stand, you should be outraged.  We’re being cheated by the government.  Government debt and deficits are sky rocketing and this is what the government is doing with our precious tax dollars.  I have always contended that the deficit and debt is not a revenue issue it is a spending issue.  Taxing the rich will not solve the problem and correcting the problem will be painful.  People will have to lose their jobs to eliminate waste.

As an example of where big government leads, in Germany, upon retirement an employee told 500 of his co-workers that he hasn’t worked a day in 14 years.  He was at work but he didn’t produce anything.  This occurrence in Germany is an example of where America is headed.

This most stop.  No matter who is president, waste must be eliminated and it will hurt a lot of people.


The real scoop about the Post Office
by Karl Logan on 03/19/12

The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, HR 6407 was really bad legislation.  Being the conservative that I am, I don't generally buy into the political bather about anything.  Having said that, I have had the opportunity to work on behalf of Deadwood to Save Our Post Office and have read numerous articles on the subject.  I'm not quite sure what Congress was thinking.  What is interesting is that the bill requires the USPS to pay for accrued pension of $27 billion for military personnel that became postal workers.  That was Bush's idea?  Push the pension obligation on the Post Office?  The legislation also requires USPS to pay $5.5 billion in annual pension costs.  No wonder the Post Office is struggling.  

With the recession, the Post Office is losing money and not making the necessary changes to correct the loss.  However, USPS is owed $55 billion by the Office of Personnel Management which miscalculated pension funding back in 1971. The Postal Service was required to pay 75 years of pension in just 10 years, a $5.5 billion per year obligation.  Despite this, the Post Office managed to get by until the recession.  

There has been some relief.  House Bill 1351 (HR 1351) allows the USPS to use the current $6.9 billion surplus to satisfy its' obligations.  In June of 2011 USPS said it would stop paying into the pension system because they had a $7 billion surplus.  

Honestly, the Post Office has enough problems competing with UPS and Fed Ex, they certainly don't need the government creating legislation to drive them out of business.  


Gasoline prices
by Karl Logan on 03/18/12

When it comes to gasoline prices Obama is stuck in a quandary.  Election year and high gas prices do not look good for a sitting president.  But make no mistake, Obama wants gas prices high.  He has stated just that in election speeches in 2008.  His energy secretary has echoed that sentiment.   The EPA by their very nature drives up prices.  But let's consider Obama's position.

Obama like other democrats wants mass transit.  If gas prices remain high there will be a push for mass transportation.  Obama complains about oil companies making record profits but his policies drive up the retail price of oil.  So Obama gets it both ways.  If prices go up Obama blames big oil and penalizes them for windfall profits.  But are Obama's policies more nefarious.  If prices go up terror sponsoring middle-eastern countries make record profits.  I really want to give the man the benefit of the doubt but his actions do not provide any comfort. 

So what policies drive up prices?  Sanctions on Iran while sabotaging the Canadian pipeline (Keystone) are just two examples that drive prices up.  The NY Times says it is GOP spin but we know who they side with.  Gas prices were $1.80/gallon when Obama took office.  The nation average today is $3.83.  Gas prices have already hit $6.00/gallon in some cities.

For those readers that think because they live in the city and use mass transit that high fuel prices won't affect them, consider this.  "If you got it a truck brought it".  Every item in the retail sector requires expensive distribution.  Farm to table can't be accomplished without fuel.  Inflation in food prices is a direct effect of high fuel prices.


What will the Media say about the new President?
by Karl Logan on 03/17/12

What will the critics say about the new president?  If the president is Obama and the economy improves Obama will no doubt receive all the praises that are perhaps due.  I say this will a bit of sarcasm because spending is so out of control that America is slipping into a deep abyss.  However, if the economy falters what will the media say?  I suspect the Washington Post will state that Bush and the GOP screwed things up so bad that even Obama our savior couldn't fix it.  If the GOP hadn't fought so hard against his spending plans he might have turned America around permanently.  In fact, if the economy falters it might provide Obama with the opportunity to move America further down the path of socialism.  The government will have no choice but to take full control because the economy is so bad.  Which I propose is Obama’' plan.

If the president is a republican I suspect a stark contrast will be written by the media.  If the economy improves it will not be that business and the people have finally found some comfort and have gained faith that some fiscal responsibility will finally role out of the Whitehouse.  No it will be because of Obama's stewardship during his term.  It will be said that the GOP benefitted from Obama's guidance.  If things go south it will no doubt be due to the failure of the GOP to continue the policies of the savior Obama.  The downturn will not be due to the out of control spending during Obama's term.  The liberal media will spin reality to fit their view of the world.

I watched a propaganda video (see link below) on President Obama.  The piece was incredible.  The documentary confirms Obama is our savior.  All of the perils that Bush and the GOP caused have finally been reversed and we are on the right path.  There was no mention of cost to the tax payer or the burden to our children.  There was no mention about the huge bonuses executives gave each other with the bail out money.  There was no mention of the failed renewable energy companies that Obama supported with tax payer money.  The documentary suggests that GM has paid back all the money borrowed from the government but fails to state how much of GM the government still owns or whether it is even likely that America will recoup all our investment in GM.  Obama brought the troops in Iraq home as promised but failed to mention the pull out plan and timeline from the Bush administration.  The piece failed to mention that Osama bin Laden had a hit ordered on Obama which might have motivated Obama's decision to go into a sovereign country and kill bin Laden.  The documentary also fails to mention the trillions of dollars spent to stabilize our economy.  Nor does the film point out the huge bill Americans are facing when Obamacare is fully implemented which has already been revised to cost twice the initial estimate.  No, the piece was very well done as a campaign for the presidency.

I am documenting this so I can look back in 2013 and see if my predictions are correct.


Censorship and more
by Karl Logan on 03/07/12

It is unbelieveable to me that the Federal Government can shut down an internet site due to content.  Last week the Department of Justice shut down a gambling site www.bodog.com that is based in Canada.  This is censorship pure and simple.

Remember SOPA, the internet privacy bill?  Some websites shut down for a day and Google blacked out it's logo to protest.  Congress got the message and backed away.  However, they are at it again.  The federal government can shut down your business and your website.  But loss of rights doesn't stop there.  The NDAA now has detention provisions.  The Fairness Doctrine attempts to slant conservative radios broadcasts.  What happened to our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech?  What about your Second Amendment Right to Bear Ams?  All of these rights are under attack.

Where does it stop?  The government now has the legal right to hold a U.S. citizen in detention indefinately, shut down internet sites, and even execute American citizens without a trial.

US gov’t claims right to seize any .com domain

Who is in the 1% of top earners
by Karl Logan on 03/04/12

I have written about civil service incomes before.  The article I just read outlines the problem very nicely.  The link is below and it is a must read.  In summary, it outlines that the true one percent are government employees that retire with the equivalent of $5-10 million in pension funds, and there are 21 million government employees.  Some Teachers Union bosses are making $500,000 per year (but it's for the children).  A Toll worker in New York is retiring at 50 years old with a pension payment of $120,000 per year for life.  Do the math.  If he lives just 10 years he will earn $1.2 million and life expectancy is 80 years old.  That translates to a $3.6 million pension.  The average federal employee makes $123,049 per year.  In Las Vegas the average fire fighter makes just under $200,000 per year and some are eligible to retire at 45.  The tax payer will pay the equivalent in pension benefits for his life then pay his spouse after he dies.

This kind of misuse of tax payer money bankrupt Greece, they are cutting 150,000 employees to survive.  Cuba is cutting 2 million government employees in an effort to stave off bankruptcy.  So what is it that America does see?  Countries in Europe are failing due to pension abuse and some Americans are hailing Europe as the perfect example.  Read the article.  It is enlightening if not infuriating. 

Government employees -- the true 1 percent, By Wayne Allyn Root, Published March 02, 2012, | FoxNews.com, 
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/03/02/government-employees-true-1-percent/#ixzz1oAXCL7iH

Obama apologizes for Koran burning
by Karl Logan on 03/03/12

Was Obama's apology to Afghanistan for the Koran burning a good idea?  Obama seems to believe it was.  He has said so.  Despite the backlash, murdering of American soldiers, and the violent protests Obama says that his apologize helped defuse the violence.  WOW!  Imagine how bad it could have been. Bull Shit.

Obama emboldened the terrorist insurgents and the Afghani people with his remarks.  For Obama to require the military to apologize was insane.  This was a big mistake.  Now the United Nations calls for punishment of the Koran burners.  Keep in mind that anything less than death will not satisfy the Afghans.  Following the U.N.s lead the U.S. is considering disciplinary action. 

This politically correct B.S. has got to stop.  Who the hell is running this country?  Karzai?  The U.N.?  Obama is a puppet.  As the commander and chief he certainly doesn’t have our soldiers back.  What is next? 

In my opinion the solution must start at the top.  Maybe Obama the puppet and chief should go to Afghanistan and turn himself over to the terrorists to assuage the Koran burning.  With all of Obama's diplomatic skills I am certain they will agree this was just a misunderstanding and they will sit down to tea and discuss our surrender.

2 US troops killed in Afghanistan following Koran burning

Official says mistakes led to Afghan Koran burnings as 5 US troops may face disciplinary review

Afghan betrayal calls into question viability of US military strategy in Afghanistan

Is Islam a peaceful religion?
by Karl Logan on 03/03/12

I wondered whether American's are being misled regarding Islam.  Is Islam peaceful or not.  I decided to do what any good researcher would do, I Googled it. 

I found 31 countries with travel warnings from the State Department (updated 2/21/2012), not all are Muslim nations and not are in the middle-east.  I found 16 countries that are predominantly Muslim, meaning in excess of 90%, that the website said were safe to visit.  When crossed referenced, Libya and Syria were on both lists, but in all fairness the article listing safe Muslim countries was dated a year ago and a lot has changed since then.  I was surprised that there are that many peaceful Islamic nations, considering all the news reports.  Reviewing the peaceful list again, I think it should be whittled down a little more.  Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, and Jordon are also on the safe list but I am not so sure I would feel safe.  That drops the safe list to 10.

(satirical diatribe)

So why do Americans feel so unsafe regarding Islam? Syrian violence rages amid truce talks / I have heard that Islam is a peaceful religion.  UN calls for end to violence in Yemen /  I am thinking it is the republican party that promote this notion.  Urban Violence in the Middle East / Egypt: 33 killed in renewed violence / If not the republicans themselves it is the radical right wing of the party.  Violence Erupts at Jordan Protest  / Kuwait Violence Hampers Gulf's Shift to Democracy   Maybe it is the Tea Party.  We all know how crazy they are.  Iran: UN rights chief shocked by deadly violence /  Major incidents of terrorist violence in Pakistan   Those conservatives spread hatred.  They are racists.  As Iraq violence continues, many fear return of civil war /  Journalists?  What?  No, you can't blame journalists for all the negative reporting.  Violence against Women in Turkey /  It is the spin that the bible pounding right wing conservatives put on the news.  Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan  Africa Violence and Wars / At least I think that is what it is.  Protests Bring New Violence in Kenya

So are there peaceful Muslims?  Of course there are!!  The problem as I see it is allowing Muslim immigration and/or the conversion of Americans to Islam within the United States of America and catering to their belief system.  If they choose to live in America they need to accept our laws and our traditions.  They should not attempt to convert America into a Muslim country.  They should not expect America to recognize Sharia Law.  Judges should not rule in the favor as Muslims for the sake of Muslim laws and traditions.

America will accept Muslim but Muslim must accept America first.

Iran court convicts Christian pastor convert to death
By Lisa Daftari, Published February 22, 2012, | FoxNews.com 

Iran's war against Christianity

Setting legal precedents
by Karl Logan on 02/25/12

The recent ruling by a Muslim judge must be struck down.  If not, it may create a legal precedent that is difficult to recover.  As noted in my February 25, 2012 blog, Muslims take control of the courts, Judge Mark Martin, a Muslim, used his religious beliefs to rule on a case that was clearly assault.  The case was thrown out because the Muslim was defending the prophet Mohammed.  This can not stand.  Precedents are easy to set but very difficult to remove.

The separation of church and state is often misquoted as if it were written in the constitution or as an amendment to the constitution.  It is neither.  In 1802, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Danbury Baptist Association that referenced language of Roger Williams, the founder of the first Baptist church in America, in which Mr. Williams wrote in 1644 of a "hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world".  Jefferson paraphrased this to the building of a wall of separation between church and state.  Jefferson was referring to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Today it is inferred that the First Amendment means "separation of church and state". This precedent is now set in stone.  This precedent I can live with but we must be careful of the legal precedents we set.

When we allow legal finding and settlements that go against the grain of our legal system to stand, they too will become precedents someday.  Sharia law can not be the new precedent for America.

Muslims take control of legal system
by Karl Logan on 02/25/12

If you do not think the U.S. is under attack by Muslims you are mistaken.  Muslims are using our own laws and legal system to bring their belief system to America.  Don't believe me?

An atheist attends a Halloween parade and dresses up as a Mohammed Zombie.  Distasteful maybe, but the first amendment protects this right.  A Muslim spectator assaults the zombie.  It is caught on tape. The atheist files charges.   The Muslim man admits the assault.  His only defense was he didn't know it was legal in the U.S. to mock Mohammed.  The case goes to court and the judge throws out the charge and lectures that atheist saying that in a Muslim country he would be put to death.  Wait for it...the judge is Muslim.

Christianity is under attack in America.  Atheists, and apparently Muslims are pushing their belief system on our Judeo-Christian country.  Ironically, atheists have been attacking religion and removing all reference to God in public buildings, schools, and even our oath and pledges.  Apparently, the only thing that trumps atheists are Muslims.  Our politically correct society is so sensitive about offending Islam that Americans are afraid to will say anything negative about Muslims. 

America is a country where everyone has the right to practice their religion freely.  The constitution not only protects our right to practice our religion freely, but it also protects our right to protest and speak out against religion.  Until now, our legal system has protected that right.  Assault was assault and it was illegal.  Today, victims of assault are lectured by Muslim judges for dishonoring a religious symbol.  Atheists can dishonor Christians but they can not dishonor Mohammed.

In America you can burn the bible, the American flag, or even a picture of a president in effigy.  That right is protected.  However, mock Mohammed and take your chances.


When Self Defense is a Crime
by Karl Logan on 02/21/12

New Hampshire man is arrested for firing his gun into the ground to let a burglar know he was serious and held the burglar at gun point until police arrived.  The police arrested both men.  Seriously.

Citizens are trying to protect themselves and their property and they become criminals.  The world has got to hell.  Budget cuts are reducing polices forces and the message to criminals is that it is okay to steal, rape, murder and pillage because the average citizen can't defend themselves without the threat of going to jail.  You anti-gun folks should watch out.  The citizens that have the guns will probably use them anyway and you anti-gun folks will be easy prey.  I'll protect my stuff and take a chance on going to jail but I will certainly think twice before protecting yours.

The anti-gun lobby is nipping away at the right to bear arms one stupid law at a time.  Here is another example of the obnoxious of gun laws.  We still have the right to own guns but we do not have the right to use them.

New Hampshire man arrested for firing gun into ground while catching suspected burglar
By Joshua Rhett Miller, Published February 21, 2012, | FoxNews.com

Bailout of GM
by Karl Logan on 02/21/12

NPR suggests that the $7.6 billion in profits in 2011 and $7000 in profit sharing to union employees could make anti-bailout positions a hard sell for republican candidates.  But is that assessment a little premature?

According to a February 2012 CNN article the results of the bailout are still tenuous.  Tax payers are expected to lose at least $15 billion of the bailout money.  Repayment so far has come in the form of an increase in share price.  The Fed still holds 500 million shares of GM.  The share price would have to double to break even.  That is an interest free loan.  The government gave them $50 billion and secured 500 million GM shares to support the stock price.  So repayment only comes as the governments investment appreciates.  The question I ask is why doesn't GM pay the government back with some of the $7.6 billion in profit?  Once again, the tax payer gets screwed.  $7000 bonus checks go to union employees while the rest of us face billions in potential loses.

The debate is still alive.  Proponents say I told you so, and opponents of the bailout out say it ain't over till it's over.  The problem as I see it, GM was never forced to restructure which is why they got in this mess in the first place.  Without a change in the business plan, the bailout simply pushes bankruptcy out a few more years.  The other issue is why does the government pick winners and losers?  Why GM?  Why not bailout all the mom and pops that faced bankruptcy?  Maybe it's the union and the campaign funds for Obama's reelection.  But in all fairness, Bush started the bailout of the auto industry.

NPR Record GM Profits Could Make Romney's Anti-Bailout Message A Harder Sell,  Domestic issues, 2012, Economy
Still fighting over GM's bailout, By Chris Isidore @CNNMoney February 16, 2012: 4:40 PM ET
Wall Street Journal   U.S. Unlikely To Recoup GM Bailout, Panel Says http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704803604576078501503246420.html

Free Condoms
by Karl Logan on 02/19/12

Californication.  Yes.  Californication.  Some counties in California are providing free condoms for teenagers through mail order.  However, they are limiting them to ten condoms per month.  Really?  That is a year's supply for some married men.  What is next, free hotel rooms?  I think that's a great idea.  California should build a hotel for teenage sex.  It is embarrassing to do it in the car.  What if they get caught?  And doing it at home, forget it, their parents live there.  Maybe California can allow the welfare debit cards to purchase motel rooms by the hour.  Now that is a great idea.  Free condoms and a place to do it.  If restaurants could accept the debit cards they could have a nice meal afterward.  I know, maybe they can top the night off with a trip to the methadone clinic.  Do they still have those?

 Disclaimer:  The comments in this blogs are intended to by satirical so do not send hate mail.

 California counties get federally-funded teen mail-order condom programhttp://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/02/19/california-counties-get-federally-funded-mail-order-condom-program/#ixzz1mrUuwZFi

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The New Democrat
by Karl Logan on 02/17/12

I believe the Democratic Party has been hijacked.  The Democratic Party as I knew it growing up is nothing like the Democratic Party today.  My parents are Democrats.  My Grandparents were Democrats.  My in-laws are Democrats.  Many people I know and love are Democrats.  However, the aforementioned Democrats do not represent the Democratic Party of today.

Liberal and Progressive policy have hijacked the Democratic Party.  The new Democrats believe in abortion.  My mother would view abortion as murdering her grandchildren.  Through their actions, the new Democrat is atheist.  My mother believed in the bible.  The Democrats I knew recited the "Pledge of Allegiance" with pride.  The new Democrat wants God removed from the Pledge.  Society used to place their hand on a bible when taking an oath.  The new Democrat replaced God and the Bible by placing their hand over their self-centered heart. 

The American Flag was revered.  The new Democrat burns it and drags it through the street.  The Democrats I knew honored their fallen soldiers and those that returned.  The new Democrat disgraced them and spit on their grave.  The Democrats I knew and loved were proud to be Americans.  The new Democrats loathe America.  The Democrats I knew were patriots and believed that America and our constitution represented "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".  The new Democrat wants to change the constitution as they believe it to be, in Obama's own words, an imperfect document.

The Democrats I knew growing up simply wanted a job.  The new Democrat expects a government hand out.  The Democrats I knew believed that immigration was an important part of the American dream.  The new Democrat promotes illegal immigration and government subsidies; welfare for all illegal immigrants, subsidized housing for illegal aliens, driver's licenses instead of green cards, and even extending the right to vote.  That is really what the new Democrat wants.  VOTES.  And they will make a deal with the devil to get them.  Give me your vote and I will give you a life free of labor.  The new Democrat is so over extended on promises they can only pay them back through deficit spending.

The Democrats I knew fed their families themselves with the food they bought.  They didn't depend on the government to feed them.  They didn't depend on the government to tell them what or how much to eat.  School lunches were brought from home and mothers packed them with love.  Breakfast was simple and didn't require a pyramid.  Families ate dinner together.  You were responsible for each other.  The new Democrat and the new family are told what and when to eat.  Low fat, no salt, eat your vegies, and lean the meat.  Michelle Obama eats ice cream while telling restaurants, schools and the military what to cook.  The new Democrats are told what to think, how to think, and who to vote for.

The Democrats I loved growing up believed that "planned parenthood" was having children after you were married.  The new Democrat created and subsidizes "Planned Parenthood" which promotes promiscuous sexual behavior.  The Democrats I knew growing up taught abstinence, the new Democrat has placed contraceptive devices in school vending machines.  My mother believed that marriage is between a man and a woman.  The Liberal Progressives have moved beyond civil unions.  The new Democrat wants to promote and sanction gay unions with "Marriage Certificates". 

Today's Democrats believe in the United Nations.  My father and grandfather believed in the United States of America.  American Presidents did not bow to other Presidents, Prime Ministers, or Kings.  American Presidents stood tall and were respected.  American Presidents, Democrat or otherwise, didn't apologize for war.  We didn't apologize for our foreign policy.  Roosevelt and Truman didn't apologize to Hitler or Hirohito. 

The American citizens that proudly wore the Democratic moniker when I was a boy, are not the Democrats of today.  Old school Democrats have nowhere to turn.  They have been abandoned by their own party.  Their party has been hi-jacked.  The new Democratic belief system does not accurately represent yesterday's Democrat.  Yesterday's Democrat was hard working, self-reliant, family oriented citizens that believed in god and country.

If you believe in removing god from your life and country, if your patriotism aligns with the United Nations, if you do not support the soldiers that gave you the right to burn the flag, if you believe in open borders and welfare for all, if you prefer government cheese over self-reliance, if you believe in abortion and gay marriage you have been successfully modeled into a New Democrat. 

Even if you do not agree with every position above, the Democrat party does.  If you vote for these candidates, you are endorsing these positions.

Planned Parenthood
by Karl Logan on 02/16/12

I was under the impression that planned parenthood was teaching responsible sexual practice.  In a way I guess they believe they are.  Watch the video below and decide for yourself.  Is this the organization you want teaching your children about sex?  Your tax dollars pay for this organization.


The Lunch Gestapo
by Karl Logan on 02/15/12

This would be a great episode of Ripley's believe it or not.  The "Lunch Police" in U.S. food inspector clothing visited an elementary school and confiscated a child's lunch.  Yes, taking another step into the deep abyss that is a police state, the White House dressed as Michelle Obama is inspecting school lunches.  "No more soup for you", unless it meets U.S. Department of Agriculture Guidelines.  The Gestapo has finally arrived.  This all took place in Hoke County (read Ho ke' for the fun of it). 

The preschooler's home prepared lunch consisted of (before I tell you what's in it,  I want you to pause and think of a lunch worthy of confiscation by the Gestapo) a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice, and potato chips.  Wow…no wonder the Gestapo confiscated that lunch.  Its poison I tell you, poison.  Apparently school staff are supposed to rummage through children's lunches and substitute items to reach the correct nutritional balance as recommended by the  U.S. Department of Agriculture.  If that wasn’t enough, the school sent home a note and billed the parent for a school lunch.

Michelle Obama has already went to the military bases and told the soldiers to eat their vegetables.  School vending machines now offer better snack choices and the morning after pill.  Restaurants are forced to offer healthier choices, NY establish lower salt standards and burger joints banned from down town L.A.  Do you think this doesn't affect you?

"It ain't over till it's over!"

Preschooler's homemade lunch replaced with nuggets, Published February 14, 2012, | FoxNews.com
Food Police, http://weaselzippers.us/2012/01/25/food-police-chief-michelle-obama-unveils-new-federal-government-nutrition-rules-all-schools-will-have-to-meet/
Reason.tv: LA Food Police Ban Burger Joints - Is Your City Next?, March 23, 2011
Michelle Obama Announces New National Nutrition Standards, January 31, 2012 at 8:23AM by Zoe Bain

The teaching of Islam makes it's way into our schools
by Karl Logan on 02/10/12

I plead with you to watch this video especially if you have children.  The woman in this video tells it like it is.  Hitler said "give me your children and I will have the next generation."  Indoctrination in the schools is happening on many levels.

You'll  find this thought provoking... Click here: TaboolaArticle

Global Warming update
by Karl Logan on 02/05/12

Is the earth really warming?  If measurements are correct the short answer is yes.  However, we must put this into context.  When we consider current global warming measurements are scientist drawing the right conclusion.  Is this a way for Al Gore to make money or is this a catastrophe waiting to happen?

The sun is approaching an end of an 11 year cycle where the solar flares wane and earth’s temperature drops.  If I consider Al Gore's global warming theory I wonder what we did to screw up the sun so badly.  The short answer is nothing.  I do think that bloviating politicians might have something to do with global warming.  Or maybe it is Al Gore's mansion or traveling by jet. 

Volcanos might be the culprit of both global warming and cooling.  Recent research concludes that volcanic aerosols reflected the sun's rays which reduced earth temperature through a series of volcanic eruptions.  This little ice age occurred around the 13 century.  Today, volcanic eruptions produce CO2 among other gases which can impact global warming.  So is it human activity or Mother Nature and Apollo, the sun god, that are creating climate change? 

There is a lake 13,000 feet below the ice sheet, one of many, in the Antarctica.  If it is a lake by definition as it was on the surface free of ice at one time in history.  How can this be?  It suggests that the earth was warmer at one time, as the article states 20 million years ago.  It also suggests that ocean front property was once an underwater garden.  Yes you might say that some of today's coastal communities could have been the Lost City of Atlantis.  Moreover, the earth looked much different thousands of years ago.  Are humans to blame?

The Great Salt Lake is yet another mystery that befuddles man.  The water has evaporated over 33,000 years.  Perhaps this was also due to mankind and global warming.  Humans by definition are parasites, living on a host and sucking the life out of it.  Some parasites, like humans on earth are symbiotic.  We rely on the host surviving.  Maybe the problem with social and earthly decay is just a few parasites in Washington.

While the debate continues whether global warming is just a cyclical trend or a manmade potentially catastrophic event more evidence is pointing to normal global fluctuations in temperature.  If it weren't for billions going to alternative energy companies and carbon credits (and of course, science) I might place a little more weight on the side of manmade global warming.

Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire

Russian scientists seeking Lake Vostok lost in frozen 'Land of the Lost'?  Published February 02, 2012
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/02/02/russian-scientists-lost-in-frozen-land-lost/#ixzz1lWg1xpEF

With sun's activity set to diminish, is global cooling coming? Published January 31, 2012, FoxNews.com
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/31/with-suns-activity-set-to-diminish-is-global-cooling-coming/#ixzz1lWcsgTzj

Volcanoes may have sparked 'Little Ice Age'  By Wynne Parry, Published January 31, 2012, LiveScience
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/31/volcanoes-may-have-sparked-little-ice-age/#ixzz1lWdb979H

The Great Salt Lake in Utah was once Lake Bonneville.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Salt_Lake

A 21 year old's Point of View
by Karl Logan on 02/03/12

I am posting this from an email I received. 


        "The problems we face today are there because the people who
work for a living are outnumbered by those Who vote for a  living"

         This was  written by a 21 yr old female who gets it. It's
her future she's worried about and this is how she feels about the
social welfare big government state that she's being forced to live
in! These solutions are just common sense in her  opinion.

        This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco , TX Nov 18, 2010
    Put me in charge . . .

         Put  me in charge of food stamps. I'd get rid of Lone Star
cards; no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho's, just money for 50-pound bags
of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can
haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

         Put me in  charge of Medicaid. The first thing I'd do is to
get women Norplant birth control implants or tubal  ligations. Then,
we'll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine and document
all tattoos and  piercings. If you want to reproduce or use drugs,
alcohol, smoke or get tats and piercings, then get a job.

          Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a
military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good
state of repair. Your "home" will be subject to inspections anytime
and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox
360, then  get a job and your own  place.

         In  addition, you will either present a check stub from a
job each week or you will report to a "government" job. It may be
cleaning the roadways of trash,  painting and repairing public
housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22 inch rims and
low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that
money toward the "common  good.."

         Before you write that I've violated someone's rights,
realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money,
accept our rules..  Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and
ruin their "self  esteem," consider that it wasn't that long ago that
taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning
and lowered self esteem.

         If we are expected to pay for other people's mistakes we
should at least attempt to make them learn from their b ad choices.
The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

         AND While you are on Gov't subsistence, you no longer can
VOTE!  Yes that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of
interest. You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you
are receiving a Gov't  welfare check. If you want to vote, then get a

Import taxes
by Karl Logan on 01/30/12

Seriously?  How screwed up can the tax system be?  No, I don't mean Obama's new tax plan which is really a campaign stunt.  I don't mean the obvious tax rates and loop holes that allow billionaires to pay few taxes.  I mean import taxes.  Yes, import taxes.

There seems to be a difference between dolls and toys.  A 5.2% difference that is.  Lawyers have been arguing for years that superheros are toys not dolls which depict humans and incur a 12% import tax compared to a 6.8% tax.  No wonder our courts are bogged down.  And the tax sytem, well this is obsurd.  That is unless you are paying the higher tax.

As much as I hate to say it, maybe Obama's new tax plan has some merit.  Fat chance.  Congress will not pass anything that bites into their pocket books.

Sorry, Avengers: US gov't says mutants aren't human
By Garrett Tenney, Published January 30, 2012, FoxNews.com
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/30/x-men-arent-human-us-govt-says-but-hulk-is/#ixzz1kxXTSYpg

Sharia Law in Canada is not upheld
by Karl Logan on 01/29/12

Three Teenage Afghan girls were murdered for not following family disciplinary rules.  In an effort to fit in, the girls acted like other Canadian girls, they dressed like them, the spoke like them, they socialized like them and they went on-line like them.  But unlike other Canadian girls, this behavior was disgraceful to this Afghan family.  Sharia Law allows honor killings and that is what this family did.   The Mother, the Father, and the 21 year old Son, all conspired to kill these girls ages 13, 17, and 19.  They drowned them.

If this had happened in America this family might have walked.  Many US judges have upheld Sharia Law which would condone and even defend these murders.  As odd as it sounds, many liberal US judges have stated that Sharia Law can be used in US courts.  This is an atrocity in itself.  It is US judges like these that disgrace America.  Where is the honor in that?

Jury finds Afghan family guilty in 'honor' killings, Published January 29, 2012, | Associated Press
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/01/29/jury-finds-afghan-family-guilty-in-honor-killings/#ixzz1ktNvFPyS

An American Judge Applies Sharia Law

Federal court blocks Oklahoma ban on Shariah law, Published January 11, 2012, | Associated Press
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/11/court-oklahoma-ban-on-islamic-law-unconstitutional/#ixzz1ktR385YR)    

by Karl Logan on 01/23/12

Many Americans are worried that Obama is going to create Socialism.  My friends, Socialism started many years ago.  As soon as government jobs began to pay well, have great benefits, and be represented by a Union, socialism was underway.  Socialism is not new, but it is gaining momentum and will follow the same catastrophic end as Greece.

European countries have been struggling with the mess they created after WWII.  Socialism gained a foot hold and seemed like a great idea.  No one wanted for anything.  The government paid for healthcare, retirement, disability, and covered your unemployment benefits.  The only cost was taxes.  Taxes would have to go up to pay for these benefits.  Everyone would have to pay.  And everyone did.  And they seemed happy and it seemed to work.  After 40-50 years of growing deficits these European countries are realizing their mistake.  But there is no going back.  Europe is facing a bubble like no other, a great depression.

So why would America choose to follow their path knowing it will result in depression.  The answer is simple, arrogant politicians think they can do it better.  Looking at the current system, America is already on the brink of bankruptcy yet politicians are telling the people that Socialism is possible.  They don't call it Socialism because Socialism is a dirty word, but the system is the same.  The result of spending on social programs is bankrupting America.  Democrats blame the republicans for not paying enough, and the republicans blame the tax and spend democrats for America's deficits.  So is America really experimenting with Socialism?

The government sector is the best example of Socialism.  For years, the government has paid great benefits.  Benefits include fully paid healthcare, disability and rehab, time off, long vacations, multiple holidays, and of course early retirement.  If you know anything about Socialism you will recognize the similarities.  So, if you work for the government, you are part of the socialists sector.  Whether you are conservative or liberal, working for the government is part of the social experiment.  If you are the beneficiary of these great benefits you have little to complain about whether you are a conservative or not.  However, if you are the person paying taxes to support this socialist experiment you are probably pissed off.

The private sector can ill afford the benefits the public sector relishes.  Unless you have made it big and are wealthy by 50 years old, you can not retire after 30 years of employment like government employees.  No, you must work 45-50 years until you can draw social security.  If you work for the private sector your healthcare benefits cost you dearly, that is if you even have them.  Vacations and paid holidays are not a standard for private sector employees.  Job security is not a granted either.  If you do not produce you are terminated.  The sad reality regarding government employees is that their Union protects them from termination.  If you are in the education system and have tenure, you are safe for a lifetime.  This is why so many government employees become apathetic, lazy, and complacent.  Their job is secure along with their pension and healthcare benefits. 

As the government sector grows, more and more Americans become socialists.  Human nature to take care of one’s self supersedes right and wrong.  You are entitled to these benefits.  You will fight for these benefits.  You will vote for a congressman and president that will secure and grow these benefits.  It makes since that government employees are liberal leaning.  What befuddles me is that some private sector Americans are liberal.  The only conclusion I can find is that these liberal leaning private sector Americans are hopeful that they can vote in socialism for the private sector. 

Yes, Socialism is alive in America.  Socialism is growing in America.  And Socialism will bankrupt America.  Until Americans discover that they must pay equal taxes from the janitor to the CEO, America will struggle with Socialism.  Americans want the benefits without the taxes.  The tax system is screwed up.  Many Americans don't pay at all, and many corporations pay little or nothing.  Until congress is willing to overhaul the IRS nothing will change. 

Even with a more equitable tax system like that in Europe, Socialism is failing.  Socialism is too expensive.  Socialist governments generate deficits and debt.  Citizens riot when the economy sours or benefits are reduced.  Once citizens obtain the government benefits they do not want to forfeit them because they believe they are entitled.  This is happening in America.  Local, State, and Federal budgets are running in deficits.  Tax revenue is declining.  The only solution is to cut expenses.  This means a reduction in the public workforce, a reduction in benefits, or both.  The government employees backed by the Unions resist.  They blame the Tea Party and or Republicans for the problem.  Democrats and the Unions capitalize on this anger and frustration.  Class warfare is the result. 

No one can see the forest for the trees.  No one can see the big picture.  It is the evil corporations that steal from the citizenry.  It is congressmen that create the loop holes in the tax system for big business to exploit.  It is big business that bribes congressmen to create the loop holes.  Who is at fault and who is responsible to fix the problem?  I hold congress responsible because they are supposed to be working for the people.  Business is out for themselves and their stockholders.  Their focus is profit pure and simple.  It is congress that must be scrupulous. 

Don't misunderstand me, there are many private sector companies and corporations that are evil unethical money mongering self-indulgent immoral congress bribing behemoths.  But that is another blog.

Federal Budget in perspective
by Karl Logan on 01/16/12

The Federal budget, spending, deficit and debt are so big that the numbers are meaningless to most Americans, so most Americans ignore them.  But let's put the numbers into figures that are meaningful.  If we knock off eight zeros the numbers look more like some American incomes. 

Federal budget numbers                                                             Converted to Individual budget

Federal Tax revenue      $2,324,000,000,000                          Annual Income                 $23,240

Federal Spending             $3,629,000,000,000                          Annual Expenses             $36,290.

Federal Deficit                   $1,304,000,000,000                          Annually overspent        $13,040

Federal Debt                      $15,239,000,000,000                        Credit card debt               $15,239

Unfunded Liabilities        $117,190,000,000,000                     Total Debt                           $117,190

Some Americans might have $15,000 in credit card debt but not with an income of $23,000.  The average American wouldn't be this irresponsible.  The average American would never be allowed to be this irresponsible.  The average American would go bankrupt, go to jail, or both.  Yet Congress has been doing it for years. 

The deficit has NEVER been so big and the numbers keep growing by the second.  Go to the Debt Clock at http://www.usdebtclock.org/.  This is why the Tea Party is so upset.  Congressional spending is bankrupting of America.  Both parties are equally irresponsible.  But adding additional programs like Obamacare and bail-outs to wealthy companies must stop.  Obama will attempt to balance the budget by reducing the military like Clinton did.  But at the same time Obama is instigating a war with Iran.

In addition, outrageous pension payments for federal, state, and local government employees will further push America into financial ruin.  For reference, every tax payer owes over 1 million to cover the cost of the total unfunded liabilities incurred by the Federal Government.

Energy Conundrum
by Karl Logan on 01/15/12

Sources of energy include water, wind, sun, nuclear, coal, oil, natural gas, biomass (waste products), and geothermal.  Today, we use them all worldwide.  Some are cleaner than others.  Some are efficient, and some are renewable.  We already know that many of these sources are dirty, dangerous, or both.

 We need to utilize the cleanest energy source we can find.  Those sources are water, wind, and sun.  We also need to find a renewable source.  Again we have water wind and sun energy.  The source must also be efficient.  Again we have water, wind, and sun until you factor in the cost in energy to manufacture and install the source.  We are left with water.

 Here's the conundrum.  The cleanest, most efficient, renewable energy source we have is water power, both hydroelectric and tidal (wave) power.  Both of these sources have fallen under scrutiny by environmental groups due to salmon habitat and coral reefs.  Frankly, these environmentalists need to put up or shut up.  Find me a solution or stop complaining.  Even among themselves they can't seem to find common ground.  What is their issue?  I live on this earth too and I want a clean renewable source of efficient energy.  But there is give and take with every path we choose.

 We all want clean energy for our automobiles and to heat our homes.  Electricity is the cleanest source of energy, or is it.  It really depends how you acquire the electricity.  A utility company in Europe completed some research and summarized it in the attachment (link) below.  They calculated Calorific Values for each energy source.  Here are the numbers.  On one end we have hydroelectric which is 95% efficient, on the other we have solar power at 15%.  Everything else falls is in the middle averaging about 40%.  Burning oil and coal to make electricity is only 40% efficient.  In other words, we lose 60% of its calorific value converting it to electricity.  So why would we want to convert it to electricity? 

 India developed a car that runs on compressed air.  A pneumatic car?  Great idea.  No more gas stations, burning dirty oil, or importing oil from rogue nations.  It is a perfect solution. The car needs to be refilled with compressed air which requires an air compressor.  The air compressor requires electricity.  Where does the electricity come from?  Oil-coal-nuclear-or hydroelectric? 

 Become informed.  Read the report.  You will soon realize that there is a tradeoff for everything.  That electricity doesn't magically come out of the wall in an endless supply.  While we are blessed in the Northwest to have bountiful hydroelectric, some parts of the country must use other sources like nuclear, oil, and coal.  While electric and pneumatic cars might keep the city air cleaner, the air is dirty somewhere else to make your life better.  Don’t shut down hydroelectric and wave power without considering the tradeoffs.

 Report drafted by:

EURELECTRIC "Preservation of Resources" Working Group's

"Upstream" Sub-Group in collaboration with VGB - July 2003

Link for pdf on tool bar at right  

Good intentions
by Karl Logan on 01/14/12

Good intentions often destroy the very fabric the good will was built upon.  Congress, and other well-meaning groups, often focus on a simplistic view of a subject or problem and fail to address the underlying issues that may have caused the problem in the first place.  Education and Welfare are two prime examples.

Welfare is a disaster at face value.  It promotes laziness and entitlement.  The No Child Left Behind bill (NCLB) was a great concept.  The biggest hurdle was accountability.  No one including teachers, parents, or the children accept accountability for the improvement or success of the program.  The educational improvement of these kids requires much more than the bill can deliver.  NCLB places the onus on the school system.  In fairness, the oversight of liberal Congressmen created the problem.  This is interesting as it was drafted by President Bush, a quasi-conservative.  The problem is much bigger than quality instruction.  But when the child, the parent, and teacher all fail to accept responsibility for their role, everyone loses.  Congressmen assume it is an educational issue when it is really a family/societal problem.   That doesn't relieve teachers from their responsibility to educate, but we can't throw money at a problem hoping it will improve either.

Democrats suggest the bill wasn't fully funded.  What does that even mean?  The system needed more teachers?  Better teachers?  Better access?  Are the kids adequately prepared for school?  Are the kids to hungry to think?  Were the parents fully funded?  Is their welfare enough?  Maybe the parents need more money to hire tutors to do their parenting.  I believe the problem lies with the parents.  If the parents did their job feeding, clothing, and instructing their kids the teachers would have an easier job.  But who holds the parents responsible?  Did society create the problem through lack of accountability?  Yes.  The problem lies with the parents, in the home.

As I see it, it is a difference between a conservative and a liberal view of America.  Allow me to generalize here.  Conservatives believe in the family, community, and God.  Liberals believe in government intervention.  Conservatives believe in education, self-discipline, and building a future.  Liberals believe in government intervention.  Conservatives believe that the family, the church and other charitable organizations will care for the sick, the elderly, and misfortunate.  Liberals believe in government intervention.  Conservatives believe in paving their own way, making their own money, and raising a family with the same values and sense of responsibility.  Liberals believe in government intervention.  Conservatives believe in personal accountability.  Liberals believe in government intervention. 

Some Americans might take offence to these statements because they believe they are liberal leaning.  What they really mean is that they "care about others" and assume this defines liberal leaning.  There are two big problems with this belief system.  First, it suggests that conservatives do not care about others and second, it assumes that giving without accountability or responsibility is a good path for society.

Many liberals believe their liberal Congressmen share their belief system.  This could not be further from the truth.  Liberal Congressman send their children to private schools.  Liberal Congressman and their family get the best healthcare available.  Liberal Congressman have already made their wealth or perhaps inherited it.  Liberal Congressmen have very little in common with the average American.  Liberal Congressmen are elitists and they enjoy it.  They pander to the common American.  They obtain their power by giving money away.  Liberal Congressmen actually destroy the very fabric of America they claim to covet.  They say they want a better America.  They want the poor to have the same opportunity as conservatives.  What they neglect to inform Americans is that conservatives are not all rich.  Most conservatives are the working class or small business owners working 16 hours a day.  They are good church going Americans that want to raise their children to be self-sufficient.

The very nature of giving without accountability creates a sense of entitlement.  It actually destroys the human spirit.  When everything is provided for you, there isn't a reason to create, to innovate, to improve one's self, to reach for the stars.  You just exist and wait for the next hand out.  You do not teach your children to be self-sufficient.  You do not teach accountability.  You do not teach responsibility.  Worse, a mentality that expects government to do for them loses all ability to provide for themselves.  This hands politicians power.  Politicians must be there to care for you.  They must fight the conservatives for every dollar that you are entitled to.  So you vote for them.  And they vote for themselves.  They vote for their own raise.  They vote to give money to their family business and friends.  They vote to retain their power.  And they do it all for fat lazy Americans while we quietly indulge in junk food and television. 

You might not fit this description, but many Americans do.  Now even voting can be done through the mail.  We don't even have to leave the house to vote for more entitlements.  Next time you vote, consider this blog.  Decide whether you are a hard working American trying to get ahead or whether you are that fat lazy junk food eating couch potato waiting for the next hand out. 

Vote for opportunity not entitlements.

NDAA - A bitter pill
by Karl Logan on 01/04/12

President Obama one ups President Bush by signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  While the Patriot Act was decried as a threat to American Rights, the NDAA allows the government to indefinitely hold American citizens without trial for threats against the U.S.A.  The bill says "terrorist threats", but the definition can be broadened to include "events" or "rhetoric" considered to be harmful, for instance, this blog.

While America sleeps, our government diminishes our civil rights, one small step (bill) at a time.  This bill is so threatening that the ACLU released a statement saying the NDAA violates international law.  So go ahead America, sleep, sleep, sleep.  Don't worry your pretty little head.  Don't become informed or enraged.  Don't vote the rascals out.  The rascals in Congress will most certainly take care of you.  It is big business you should worry about not the government (picture a pocket watch swinging in front of you...as you hear the words...you are getting sleepier).