The Annual Logansboro BBQ was a Harry Potter theme for 2018.  A total of 45 family and friends filtered through Hogwarts during the day and evening.  Many enjoyed the event in full costume.  Wizards began their journey by crossing through Platform 9 3/4 then on to Diagon Alley.  Young Wizards obtained a bag of Gold then purchased their supplies.  Wizards were sorted into their houses.  We provided BBQ but the Real Treats were authentic Pumpkin Pasties and Butter Beer.  Lot's of amazing dishes were brought by our Hogwarts guests.  Wizards and Muggles alike were treated to Bertie Bots every favour Jelly Beans, Chocolate Frogs, and of course everyone received an authentic Olivanders Wizard Wand. The Hogwarts scavenger hunt was difficult but successful.  I learned that Quidditch is not that easy.  And the Mirror...
John and Jack tamed the Basilisk.
Luna was her normal weird self.
Dementors rounded up a few troubled souls.
Mad Eye Moody was reciting "Constant Vigilance".
Trubie went to Azkaban.
Mike went to Azkaban.
Even Danika went to Azkaban.
The Mirror of Erised