Worthington Family Tree

Harvey Alvis

Mary - Ruby - Lucy - Sonny
Vera Worthington
Worthington Family 

Harvey Alvis Worthington 
b. 2/07/1913 Shawnee, Oklahoma
d. 11/20/1966 Klamath Falls, OR

Harvey married .... in .... on ....  They had four children, Mary, Ruby, Lucy, and Sonny.  Harvey's second wife was Vera ... they were married in ..... They had two children, Sherry and Jack.

Harvey's father...

William F Worthington
b. 11/17/1887, 
d. 4/4/1958  Medford, OR

Married Alta May Rice Worthington, 
b. 5/21/1891  Hennessey, Oklahoma, 
d. 10/14/1955  Klamath Falls OR

Lucille Worthington, 
b. 10/26/1936, Hitchcock, Oklahoma, 

Married to Richard Roy Logan

Children > Karl, Ronald, Vickie, Jackie 
Sherry and Jack
Jackie Lee Worthington, 
b. 2/15/1945  Pueblo, CO

Married Lena

Children > Janelle, John

Harvey Alvis  (Sonny) 
b. 1/31/1940  Watonga, Oklahoma
d. 12/12/79  Klamath Falls, Oregon

Married Barbara

Children > Russell and Rob

Ruby Mae, 
b. 7/02/1935  Hennessey, Oklahoma
d.  ? /? /2011?  Sacramento, California
Sherry Worthington, 
b. 6/7/1949  Missoula, Montana

Married Lester Bystead

Children > Shawn, Brian, Gina (Braden)

Married William Whitman

Mary Francis, 
b. 6/18.1933  Hitchcock, Oklahoma,