As of 2011, the Logan's are "Empty Nester's".  It has been a mixed bag of emotions.

Christina graduated from the University of Oregon ( Go Ducks ) and Lindsey is a Senior at the U of O.  Lindsey and Christina now have separate apartments in Eugene.  Danita is still at Mapleton teaching.  Despite the stress, she loves it.  

I am working fulltime as a Clinical Coordinator of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Peace Harbor in Florence, Oregon.  Peace Harbor is a critical access hospital on the beautiful Oregon coast.  It is a nice little hospital where "everybody knows your name".  Besides Pulmonary Rehab, I teach COPD Education and Smoking Cessation.

Deadwood is where I call home.  Among other things, I maintain my other website, the Deadwood Trading Post (link above).  I also stay very busy keeping up our two acres.  It is a constant battle with the slugs, moles, and deer chewing up the landscape.  A few summers ago I completed a lot of rock work down by the creek.  I shored up the bank and built some steps and a walkway.  The pictures below show some of the work.  I do a lot of pruning as well.  Trees and shrubs grow quite well in Deadwood.

Hobbies include ATV riding, which is as close as venturing across the street.  Deadwood Creek ( and nearby Lake Creek) provide some casual kayak trips in the summer.  Deadwood Creek is closed again to salmon fishing this year. It is a tributary so frequently no fishing is allowed.  The salmon are pretty tired by the time they reach Deadwood so better to watch them than to eat them.  Star gazing is amazing out here in the coastal mountains far from the city lights.  

I enjoy hosting an annual BBQ for friends and family.  See Logansboro BBQ's at right. 

Below are my two daughters, Lindsey and Christina.

Karl Logan's Page

Dad's pride and joy and 
Oregon Duck
Christina Logan.
Daddy's fishing buddy, Lindsey.
Karl's projects and Deadwood Creek improvements 
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Dad's Volleyball Champ - Lindsey Logan
Our Logan Family

Karl Dean Logan, b. 2/16/1960 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Married Danita Medlin 9/11/1982
Danita G. Logan, b. 8/25/1961 in Eugene, Oregon
Christina Jaree Logan, b. 7/3/1991 in Sacramento, California
Lindsey Michele Logan, b. 5/29/1993 in Sacramento, California